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How to Last Longer in Bed

Recently I looking for the answer in internet on term how to last longer in bed and I realize that 30% of 100% men in this world also search this term and suffer premature ejaculation. Some of them would be stress, anxiety, not confidence anymore if meet girls or depression. This effects are also could affect your daily life such as work, activities, and your looking. Please don’t be afraid of what you suffering now, you are not alone against this premature ejaculation.

The study shows that sexual intercourse less than 2 minutes after or before penetration could be considered as premature ejaculation and most of men could not lasting longer in bed and could not control his ejaculation or couldn’t delay it as long as he want. Woman need more time to reach orgasm or climax for their sexual intercourse. If you (man) could not prolong your ejaculation time, you would be failed for a real man.


There are some techniques that could help you guys to delay ejaculation and prolong your sexual intercourse until your partner come first or at least come together before you ask the sex experts or doctors for another solution if you still have no luck.

Premature Ejaculation or Called PE

This condition indicated that someone (man) ejaculated too soon before or after penetration in less than 2 minutes. He couldn’t delay his ejaculation for longer time in order to make his partner reach orgasm. Woman need about 10-15 minutes to reach her orgasm while a man only need less than 2 minutes. There are two type of PE, lifelong PE and acquired PE. Lifelong PE occur early on and usually happen in young age when experiencing first sexual intercourse or bad habit like masturbating to ejaculate as fast as possible for avoiding to be caught. The second, acquired PE occur later in our life and usually triggered by physical factor (diseases like diabetes or hypertension) or psychological (stress or relationship problem).


How to Last Longer In Bed or How to Delay Ejaculation

We know that there are some solution that could help you how to last longer in bed or delay your ejaculation before you end too soon. Some using desensitizing spray or cream to reduce sensitivity of penis and some prefer using natural techniques to overcome premature ejaculation. Using thicker condom is also a way to delay ejaculation because it reduce penis’ sensitivity. We will discuss further more about start stop, squeeze technique and Kegel exercises.


Start-Stop Technique

This technique is most simple that you could do alone in home or with your partner when doing sexual intercourse and if you are alone, it is absolutely masturbate yourself. Stimulate penis until close to ejaculate and then stop it about 1 minute. After you gain control again, start stimulating again. Repeating this proses about 4-5 times and eventually let it ejaculate. This technique would train your body and you know about point of no return (the moment you still could hold it to delay your ejaculation).


Squeeze Technique

This technique is about squeezing your head of penis just before you want to ejaculate and this technique could delay ejaculation. This technique is also similar to start-stop technique. Do stimulating your penis and squeeze your penis about 1 minute if you want to ejaculate. After you regain control, stimulate again. Do this process about 4-5 times and eventually let it ejaculate. This method also could be combined with start stop technique.


Kegel Exercises

This technique is training your pelvic floor muscle that control urinate bladder and ejaculatory. Pelvic floor muscle is also called PC muscle and you could feel it by when peeing, in the middle way you stop it and you could feel this muscle. That is PC muscle. You could train this muscle by crunching it about 5-10 seconds and then release it for resting about 5 seconds. Do this exercises 20 times daily and you would have strong PC muscle in about 2-3 months. When you feel to ejaculate, crunch your pc muscle as long as possible and this way could delay your ejaculation. This method could also be done by masturbating yourself. Note: do not be hurry, slowly and feel it. Take a deep breath and relax.


So this are three natural technique on how to last longer in bed with your partner and hopefully could help you both satisfy in your sexual life.

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